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Centre for South Asian Studies Organized an International Seminar
Centre for South Asian Studies Organized an International Seminar

Centre for South Asian Studies (CSAS), University of the Punjab, Lahore organized an international seminar on May, 15, 2024 (Wednesday) on “CPEC’S Environmental Toll: Implications on the Society.” Dr. Agnieszka Nitza, Makowska, University of Tartu, Estonia & Dr. Kerry Longhurst Collegium Civitas- Poland were the guest speakers.
The distinguished guest speakers discussed the various dimensions of CPEC and their impacts on Pakistan in general and on the society in particular. Dr. Agnieszka discussed the role of China’s soft power diplomacy to extend its national interest and raised the research question if the Chinese soft power diplomacy is successful in Pakistan or not. She further highlighted the environmental toll of energy projects, especially coal-powered projects, on the society of Pakistan. In addition, she threw light on the significance of green energy initiative to tackle environmental degradation challenges in Pakistan. Dr. Kerry, the second distinguished guest speaker, spoke about the challenges of marginalization of local communities in the face of mega developmental projects especially if they are not able to provide skilled labor force. The conception and misconception about ‘debt-trap’ diplomacy of China was thoroughly discussed by both the speakers. Dr. Kerry & Dr. Agnieszka also emphasized that Pakistan must work on environmental challenges, dealing it as a priority.
The faculty members from different departments along with undergrad and post-grad students from various disciplines attended this event.