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PU Library club organizes introductory talk
PU Library club organizes introductory talk

LAHORE: (Monday, February 19, 2024): Punjab University Library club organized introductory talks on books titled: ‘Urdu Ki Samaji Lughat’ by Dr Tariq Hashmi and "The Parliament of Pakistan" by Mahboob Hussain. On this occasion, Department of Gender Studies’ Assistant Professor Dr Qaiser Khalid Mehmood, Centre for South Asian Studies’ Assistant Professor Dr Mariyam Kamal, faculty members and students were present. Dr Qaiser Khalid Mehmood shed light on ‘Urdu Ki Samaji Lughat’. He highlighted the socio-cultural insights presented in the book. He underscored the influence of historical forces such as monarchy and colonial rule on language evolution. He emphasized the importance of fostering an egalitarian language free from gender biases and discriminatory connotations. Dr Mariyam Kamal presented an analysis of ‘The Parliament of Pakistan’. Dr Kamal’s insights delved into the intricate relationship between Prime Minister Bhutto and Parliament during the 1970s, shedding light on the parliament's role as a platform for opposition voices and its evolution over time.