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1st International Conference on Creative Arts (ICCA) 2024
1st International Conference on Creative Arts (ICCA) 2024

1st International Conference of Creative Arts (ICCA)
(13-15 Sep. 2024)
Organized by
Department of Graphic Design (DGD) &
Postgraduate Research Centre of Creative Arts (PRCCA)
College of Art and Design
University of the Punjab

Extended Deadline: (Abstract Submission): 15th July 2024

Dates: 13th – 15th September, 2024

About the Conference:

Postgraduate Research Centre for Creative Arts (PRCCA), CAD, PU is going to organize 1st International Conference on Creative Arts (ICCA); 100 Years of Cinema in Lahore, tentatively in the first week of September, 2024.
The Conference is a first of its kind in Pakistan, with aim to celebrate the 100 years of cinema and creative arts in Lahore, as 1924 is the birth year of Lollywood. The conference will explore the journey of cinema, from the silent age, to the modern day OTT platforms, to provide an insight to the evolution of technology and creative industries, and examine the multifaceted influences, strengths and challenges of creative arts in societies like Pakistan.
ICCA will bring together leading academicians, researchers, research scholars and practitioners to exchange diverse views on Film and Creative Arts and share the role of films and creative content as the cultural exchange in the global world. Whilst equipping the academia professionals with latest trends practiced in the industry, ICCA will provide an insight for the export potential of Pakistani creative industries, and possibilities of cultural diplomacy through artistic expression, and role of creative arts to drive job creation, community development, and economic diversification.
ICCA will also bridge the gap between artists, policymakers, and entrepreneurs to unlock the full potential of creative arts for a flourishing Pakistani economy. National Academicians, Policymakers and Filmmakers, along with the Professors, Researchers and Practitioners from UK, Germany, Europe, Turkey, Iran and India have shown their interest in joining the ICCA physically.
So we will be having a lot of creativity and innovation in the days to come.

Key Dates:

Registration Deadline: 22nd July

Deadline for submission of abstract for papers: 15th July 2024
Notification of acceptance of abstract: 15th July 2024
Deadline for exhibition proposal /art works / TVC / Short Films Synopsis/ Campaigns (written abstracts and synopsis) 15th July 2024
Notification of acceptance for exhibition proposals/ art works/ TVC/ Short Films / Campaigns: 15th July 2024
Deadline for Full Paper Submission 5th Aug 2024
Deadline for the reception of final exhibition of work/ art works/ TVCs/ short films: 5th Aug 2024
Notification of acceptance for final exhibition/ art works/ TVCs/ short films 11th Aug 2024
Notification of acceptance of Full Paper Submission 11th Aug 2024
Final Acceptance and Full Program 14th Aug 2024

Conference Themes:

The sub themes covers a range of topics, for instance; History of Film and Creative Arts, National and Regional Cinemas, Cultural Identities, Communication Industries, Design and Advertising, Art Trends in Digital Age, Art Direction, Music, Screen studies, Art education, Fashion, TV shows, Old and New Media, New ways of Screening, OTT Platforms, Challenges of AI, Cultural and Creative Economy.
  • History of Film and Creative Arts
  • TV Drama and OTT platforms
  • Cinema in Lahore
  • Streaming Services
  • Colonial Influences on Visual and Creative Arts
  • New Ways of Screening
  • Film/Cinema, Art, Advertising, Design and Photography in sub-continent
  • Advertising Trends
  • National Cinemas/ Regional Cinemas
  • AI and contemporary trends in the Art, Design, advertising and marketing
  • Evolution of Audio Visual Technology
  • Commercials for Cinema (TVCs and DVCs)
  • Art, Cinema and Society
  • Visual Arts and Art Education in Digital Age
  • Cultural Identity
  • Art Trends and Influence of Media
  • Communication Industries
  • Video Installation Art
  • Film Posters
  • Cultural policies
  • Music in Film
  • Infotainment and Entertainment
  • Art Direction
  • Popular Culture and Propaganda
  • Screenplay
  • Film, Culture and Creative Arts Studies
  • Art Film
  • Cultural and Creative Economy
  • Gender Roles
  • Sustainability in Art, Design, Photography and Filmmaking
  • Entertainment for Masses
  • Moving Image
  • Theatre and other mediums
  • Creative Practices
  • Environment and Documentary Filmmaking
    *Its flexible within the domain of arts, design, identity, cultural and creative industries and creative practices


    The 1st ICCA (International conference on Creative Arts) is interested in topics related to creative arts, design, photography, culture and identity, evolution of audio-visual technology, OTT platforms and Celebration of a Century of Lahore Cinema (1924-2024).


    Abstracts (200-300 words) of the Research Papers will be submitted by 15th July 2024. Full papers (3000-4000 words) should be submitted no later than 5th August 2024.

    Submission Link (Email):

    Abstracts and accepted papers will be published online and available via PRCCA-PU website.

    Participation Details:

    All presenting authors need to register, and the registration Deadline is 22nd July 2024, in order to be listed in the conference program. Abstracts of authors who fail to register on time will be excluded from booklet of abstracts and from further processing of papers.
    Dates Rs
    1. Registration Deadline 22nd July 2024
         Student 3000 PKR
         Professional 5000 PKR
    2. Registration Deadline for Art Works/ Films/ Campaigns
         Student 3000 PKR
         Professional 5000 PKR


    The participants may submit registration fee at the PRCCA office
    Submit the evidence/receipt of your registration fee submission
    For in-person registration, Queries or any other details, please contact the following at the Research Centre for Creative Arts, Punjab University College of Art and Design, Lahore
    Prof Dr Ahmad Bilal
    Director, PRCCA
    Chairman, DGD